Thursday, August 5, 2010

Death By Cocolate

These are some Death By Chocolate (also known as Chocolate Overload) cakes that i made before I went to Washington so they wouldn't run out while I was gone.
LOL  So, I made all of these at one time.  Nine Chocolate Overload bar cakes and a Death By Chocolate 8" round.

A close-up view of the bar cakes...and my cell phone.  lol  Dunno why that drawer is open.  lol

Death By Chocolate.  It actually looks taller than it really is.  lol
So, I'd say it's a chocolate cake win.  lol

Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Enough Time - Cake Woe

Today was rough.  I went in to work at nine to find that I had 7 (seven) cake orders due at ten.  I guess you I don't need to tell you that I didn't make it.  We had to call some customers and see if it was okay for them to pick their orders up a little later.  Fortunately, they were alright with that.  Of course, when I originally took the order three days ago (it was for the rec center), they had only ordered four 1/4 sheets and wanted to pic them up at twelve.  When I got to work today, they'd ordered two more and changed the pic up from 12 to 10.  And I had another, separate, order for ten.

Tomorrow probably won't be any better.  I clock in at ten and have four or five orders for twelve.  I'm counting on being super rushed tomorrow too.  *sigh*

Well, no cake blog is complete without a picture of cake, ya go.
It's not all the impressive...Pink, green, and purple.  And there's a smear across my cam lens that has since been cleaned.  lol

So, to recap, today was a definite Cake Woe...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lost Photo Cake

For your own enjoyment, the lost photo cake from the other day.
The lady was turning Eighty.  I would categorize this as a definite WIN.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Cakes

Okay, well, I was sure I had more photo cakes than this, I know I've made more, but I just haven't taken any pictures, I guess.  This first one was NOT my creation, but it didn't turn out too bad.  It was for a bridal shower and this is exactly how they wanted it.  The strawberries look yummy and the roses are pretty too.  The bottom three could probably be a little more centered though.

This was for a guy who played guitar...obviously.  lol  Kinda plain.  Well, okay, very plain, but this was what they wanted.  It looks good though.  I'm glad I framed the image with a border.

I have another photo cake on my camera, I'm just too lazy to get it off right now.  lol  Later.  Definitely.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Cake Win

I made my first wedding cake yesterday.  Such an exciting experience!  I can now say that I have officially made a wedding cake AND delivered it to the venue!  It took me one hour and 8 minutes.
I was sooo nervous.  Like, "what if I screw up their wedding cake?!"  The lady came in to pay while I was mixing the teal color for it and I asked if the color was right.  She said, "...It's supposed to be lavender."  Good thing I asked!  I almost didnt!  Nowhere on the order sheet did it say anything about lavender, so I was going by the color on the picture I had in the book.
Anyway, I think I did really well for my first wedding cake!  I got started and was looking at all of the pictures and I thought, "I've done all of this stuff before, just never all on one cake and never for a 'wedding cake' specifically."  I think it's the title of "Wedding Cake" that got me so nervous.  You just don't want to ruin someone's wedding day by messing up their wedding cake, ya know?
Here it is with the topper.  Yes, I did deliver it.  And there you have it, my first wedding cake experience.  =)