Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Enough Time - Cake Woe

Today was rough.  I went in to work at nine to find that I had 7 (seven) cake orders due at ten.  I guess you I don't need to tell you that I didn't make it.  We had to call some customers and see if it was okay for them to pick their orders up a little later.  Fortunately, they were alright with that.  Of course, when I originally took the order three days ago (it was for the rec center), they had only ordered four 1/4 sheets and wanted to pic them up at twelve.  When I got to work today, they'd ordered two more and changed the pic up from 12 to 10.  And I had another, separate, order for ten.

Tomorrow probably won't be any better.  I clock in at ten and have four or five orders for twelve.  I'm counting on being super rushed tomorrow too.  *sigh*

Well, no cake blog is complete without a picture of cake, ya go.
It's not all the impressive...Pink, green, and purple.  And there's a smear across my cam lens that has since been cleaned.  lol

So, to recap, today was a definite Cake Woe...

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